Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Compliant meals now at Mamu Fau's!

Hey LoveLifers, we are so excited to announce a brand new Phase 1 and Phase 2 food partner: MamaFu’s Asian House

MamaFu’s Asian House is now offering a delicious Phase 1 compliant meal: a mix of piping hot veggies, a spinach salad and a shredded cabbage salad, all topped with a daikon radish and carrot dressing. Early feedback has been great. And as you make your way through Phase 2, MamaFu’s is there for you, integrating chicken, citrus, nightshades and an increasingly sassy palette as you add more foods to the mix. Best news? They deliver! 

You don’t have to be in the program to take advantage of this offering. Wanna reset? Let MamaFu’s and our other foods partners, help you get back on track.

For those of you who have visited MamaFu’s, you’ve already experienced their magic sauce: snapping fresh produce; a delicious medley of dishes ranging from seared ahi tuna to wonton salads to vegetable shrimp steam bowls; a cozy, ambient dining experience or opt for their delivery and saddle up on your sofa at home.

MamaFu’s Triangle location only.
(512) 637-6773
Ask for James.

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