Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Product Review: Body Deli Creme de la Rose

"Body Deli" aptly captures the deliciousness of this organic superfood laden skin-care line, so pure you can eat it. Do you hear pure and think ‘ineffective’? Au contraire. Raw superfoods like kale, fruit acids, and pomegranate pair with ionic microcluster water for superior hydration and visible results. We could serenade many of their products, but we’ll start with our favorite of the bunch: Creme-de-la-Rose. 

A cult favorite revered for it’s spectacular line up of face smoothing ingredients: Bulgarian Rose, COQ10 and Vitamin-A are used for cell regenerating properties and exquisite healing aroma. Goji Berry extract is used for its amino acids and Vitamin C content. Formulated to help accelerate cellular turnover, feed epidermal cells, restore elasticity and diminish the depth and intensity of wrinkles, their Bulgarian Rose is the real deal and retails for over $4,000 a pound! 

Every time I put this on, my beau remarks on how good I smell! Ladies, it’s a ‘natural parfum’ meets wrinkle buster with glow enhancing results.

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