Thursday, May 17, 2012

New program: Concierge Deluxe (June - August only)

As many of you may recall, in the first year of our programs, I showed up on your doorstep every morning with lunches, juices, snacks and shakes in hand; ready to saddle up at the kitchen counter or on the sofa to talk about you. 30 minutes of food empowerment mixed with 20 minutes of daily meditation created a greater sense of ease when making large dietary and lifestyle shifts. The level of attention was perfect for those of you juggling full-time careers, kids and busy social calendars. I often find myself missing these fun, intimate fireside visits. 

So for a limited time we’re rekindling the home visits and pairing them with the best from our food partners. I'm excited to announce  Concierge Deluxe! This program will be available for summer time only - June through August.

The Concierge Deluxe includes:

During the 7 Days of Phase 1:
  • Daily delivery of 2 TLC Green Juices and 1 LLM compliant lunch
  • Greenling Recipe Basket - delivered to your doorstep the night before you begin
  • Variety of compliant snacks for the week
  • 4 in-home or in-office visits (in Austin area only) by Kim Love including: In-person food tracking to guide you to your food bloom successfully; A Food Pantry Overhaul; Meditation: Optional 
  • 2 additional in-home visits during Phase 2 to keep your bloom blooming
  • LoveLife Method Kit
  • 7 weeks of daily e-coaching
  • Personalized Discovery Tracker
  • Program materials and our unique method guiding you to successly connect the dots with what you eat and how you feel

We also have similar options for those of you looking for a follow-up cleanse and reset. It includes food, in-home visits and 2 weeks of daily tracking.

For more info and pricing, please email me directly at

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