Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SWAP! Steph's Tips for Success

This month’s client inspiration comes from Steph Lewis, a Hustler with Austin's flat track roller derby, The Texas Rollergirls. Currently on week 4 of her LoveLife Method Program, Steph's kitchen explorations have us doing our own grand slams and we’re excited to share Steph’s Tips with you!

A juicing aficionado, Steph (known as Scrape Myrtle on the track) already has some great habits. But she's missed her corn chips and Micheladas, a pastime she formerly enjoyed with her derby girls after intensive nights at the rink.

What’s motivating her to hold the brew? Her eye for clever replacements along with some early blooming motivation, including: colleagues stopping her in the hall to ask why she’s glowing? Oh my. Plus - improved sleep, decreased pain, a happier belly and de-puffing of some formerly puffy eyes.

Here are replacements for some of Steph’s favorites. 

  • Corn Chip Replacement: Jicama--cut like steak fries--dipped into guacamole.
  • Simulated Corn Chips: Brussel Sprout leaves. Prepared like kale chips, the waxy leaves give a heartier "chip" when baked.
  • Ice Cream treat: Hold the trash, you’ll never look at overripe bananas the same. Peel, slice, place in a plastic baggie and freeze. Once they are frozen, blitz them in the food processor with a dab of cinnamon or hemp milk. Voila.
  • Juice Time Saver: Wanna juice but don’t have time? Prep your produce over the weekend--each ingredient chopped, cleaned and stored--pull them out ea/morning, juice is ready in 5 minutes flat.


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