Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cold-Pressing is Hot!

The Love Cleanse Green Juice, available cold-pressed at People's RX in Austin, TX 

I’ve recently experienced a rekindling for my love of juice. No stranger to its effects, I’ve been drinking the juice most days, for years. And as any of you who have been through our programs know, we’ve been devoted fans, getting you on the juice too. But as I began working on our TLC Seasonal Cleanses this past year, I’ve turned myself into my own guinea pig experimenting with different cleanse levels, new products, different food combos and different amounts of juice.

Inevitably, More Juice = More Vitality, More Happiness, More Satiation, More Glowing. When combined with my food foundation - eating foods that work, avoiding those that don’t, higher volumes of juice (especially a certain type which I’ll reveal in a moment) unlocked a superhero force, a secret weapon as powerful as any cape or bracelet.

Our mantra has been ‘become addicted to feeling good’. Over time of feeling great, the mantra shifts to ‘become addicted to feeling even better. 

This is why I’m so excited to let you know about a powerful new tool in supporting this healthy addiction. Cold-Pressed Juice is a revolution sweeping both coasts and now making it’s way to Austin. Why all the hype? It contains 3-4 times the nutrients, can be stored for three days (unlike other juices, which must be consumed immediately or within the same day) and the difference in flavor makes other juices taste like water in comparison.

Our brand new partners are the first to offer cold-pressed juices and you can pick up a cold-pressed version of The Love Cleanse Juice at these innovative locales: People’s Pharmacies (4 locations), the new downtown Daily Juice and coming soon to JuiceLand.

Whether cold-pressed or traditional, our alkalizing TLC toddies are on menus all over town and drinking your daily juice has never been easier. Wanna make your own juice at home? Greenling’s juice kits make it a breeze! Check out our brand new Juice Page for all of the latest. 

Combine daily cold-pressed TLC juice with your Food Bloom and you might find yourself leaping tall buildings in a single bound!

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