Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Sam Became a Morning Man

Sam Kindard: BazaarVoice Software Development Engineer, Longhorn Fan, Good times/Good friends Gallivanting around Austin

Sam's Food Bloom:
  • Weight Lost: 11.5 pounds
  • Energy Upon Waking: "2" to "7.5-8"
  • 4-8PM Energy: "4" to "7.5-8"
  • Cravings: "8" to "0"
  • Hunger: "8" to "1"
  • Irritability: "7.5" to "2"
  • Itchy Eyes: "4" to "0"

New Favorite Foods:
Sam'which: Romaine Lettuce Leaves for the "bread" + Stone Ground Mustard + Oven Roasted Turkey + Fried Egg

Happy Foods: Turkey makes me feel like a super star! I am definitely not a natural vegetarian because I responded very well when I introduced that animal protein.

Intolerant Foods Discovered: 

  • Nightshades and Citrus cause me all kinds of problems. They make me feel pretty grumpy and mess with my energy levels and digestion.

From Sam:
"The program was really great for me. It was difficult to change my eating habits at first but once I got into the swing of it I found it pretty easy to maintain. I didn't go into the program caring about weight loss but I did end up losing about 10 pounds anyway and boy does it feel great!"
- Sam Kinard

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  1. Congrats Sam!! It's great to hear you're happy with your new food. Good, good stuff.