Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dining Out with Food Intolerances

Masses of people are becoming empowered by learning how to feel, give and live their best possible lives through the foods that they eat each day. 

Once we have embodied these new states we can become addicted not to the foods that once held us captive but to those that captivate. Foods that create inflammation for our unique constitutions, whether sugar or carbs or an orange, tomato or gluten particle-are avoided like the plagues they induce within us.

For those of us that have discovered our unique triggers, dining out becomes an adventure fraught with both deflating and elating experiences. Victories abound upon discovering or visiting accommodating new haunts while unwanted impacts from an establishment that is not so accommodating could haunt our bodies for days.

A recent experience and numerous others throughout my life have sparked an inspiration. 

How do we dine out while keeping ourselves happy, healthy and sane?

We are creating a forum, part selfish gratification and part tribal aggregation, as we share experiences with you, while requesting that you in kind, share yours with us. As individuals we must demand attention, but by joining together as a collective, we are able to command that which we deserve.

Stay tuned as we will be featuring chefs and restaurants that are conscious and even perhaps excited about the opportunities that exist to cater to an ever growing and more educated audience. We are a community who has discovered how to utilize foods to crash through our ceilings not just by avoiding, but by choosing wisely what we eat. And as these chefs will happily discover, we support those that support us - our faces joined by the faces of our families, friends and larger communities will become permanent fixtures in these businesses that embrace us.


  1. Hi Kim,

    I'd like to recommend the Snack Bar on South Congress. They have gone out of their way to make sure my food is not made with any of my trigger foods. I have even had the waiter double check with the kitchen, and let me know they could accomidate my request.


  2. Thanks for the tip Jennifer! We will definitely check them out.