Monday, May 2, 2011

Transformation Celebration of the Month: Sarah Luna

CLIENT: Sarah Luna, SATYA Transformational Coaching

Weight: 134 - 127 = 7 lb loss

Personal Discoveries:
  • TURKEY: Impacts Weight
  • GLUTEN: Increases Bloating, Decreases Skin Clarity
  • SUGAR: Decrease Energy and Mental Clarity
  • EGGS: Possibly Increase Irritability


"My experience with the Love Cleanse has been remarkable. Kim’s support, guidance, and encouragement are offered with compassion, and laser like insight. Kim is clearly passionate about this process and it is contagious! Kim’s consciously integrated process has transformed my relationship with food and has enhanced the experience of my physical, mental and emotional body. 

I now have a clear sense of which foods works well for me and which ones have a negative impact on my well being. Additionally, I have learnt and adopted strategies for overcoming and managing cravings. In the second week of the cleanse, my energy soared to levels that I did not even know were possible – my habitual mid-afternoon slump disappeared and I found myself sleeping more deeply  and feeling more rested when waking. I am now able to get up earlier in the morning and get going without needing a caffeine kick. 

Along with energy surging, lowered weight and improved digestion, I have also gained insight into how food impacts my emotional and mental state. My emotional state has become more centered, mood swings are minimal and I experience lower levels of anxiety, and irritability. My mental focus and short term memory have sharpened dramatically due to my brain receiving appropriate and consistent nourishment. 

The inherent and undeniable link between what we eat and who we are is compellingly clear to me thanks to this masterfully guided process. If you are ready to become more conscious with food, enjoy increased energy, mental alertness, balanced emotions and improve your overall experience of living in your body, I highly recommend working with Kim!"

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