Monday, May 30, 2011

June Tips: Eating Healthy on The Road

Summer is upon us! Vacations and more idyllic summer schedules gift us a wonderful pause from our daily routines, offering much needed R&R from the chaos of life. With more lax schedules, come more lax habits. How can we enjoy the fun of summer, often while on the road, while also continuing to nourish our bodies?  

Stay tuned this summer – we will be featuring tips to keep you feeling your best on vacation while averting a backward slide!

June Tips: Eating Healthy on The Road:
1. Load up on Healthy Snacks For the Car. Avoid driving yourself to the brink of H’angry on your road trips, which is a recipe for grabbing Snickers and a corn syrup-riddled toddy at the gas station. What constitutes a healthy snack? Whole Food, High protein, minimal sugar, no additives. Check out our Snack Section for great options.
2. Eat these small snacks throughout the day to balance blood sugar and minimize cravings. Pack little snacks in your purse or pocket and aim to eat something every 2 hours. Eating regularly throughout the day will allow you to stay a step ahead of your cravings! 
3. Avoid sugar, corn syrup and even too much fruit. Sugar begets more sugar setting us up for viscous cycles of cravings throughout the day. We recommend avoiding the sugar-based snacks, even fruit, since this will often trigger increased cravings shortly after.
4. Choose healthier Road Food. Finding healthy food on the road can be tricky! When options are limited, consider packing your own lunch in a cooler. Or pull over to locations where you can choose healthier options. At Subway, choose a salad with tuna or meat. Cracker Barrel offers some simpler veggie sides. And Chili’s has many locations scattered throughout smaller towns. 
5. Your go-to for dining out: Salad. Opting for a salad with some protein is always a great option! Salad dressings are often a hidden source of many inflammatory ingredients including – soy, gluten, MSG and more. Choose oil and vinegar dressing on the side.
6. When All Else Fails. Everyone’s version of vacation looks a little bit different! If despite the best of intentions, you back slide and over indulge, skip the heaping serving of guilt! This is one condiment that is as inflammatory as sugar! Remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day and seize the opportunity to simply note how your overindulgences made you feel, guilt-free. These indulgences are a gift, sent to inform you, if you so choose! Allow that feeling to be the motivation for a new beginning and simply begin again.

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