Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Transformation Celebration: Lainey Fisher!

CLIENT: Lainey Fisher

WEIGHT: 120 - 114 = 6 lb loss

  • CORN: Impacted Skin Clarity, especially Skin Tone
  • GLUTEN: Causes Bloating
  • RED MEAT: Decreases Energy, Increases Caffeine Cravings

PROTEIN DISCOVERY: Feels best with a variety of fish and plant-based proteins. Animal protein creates fatigue.

"During my peak energy I found myself up and out of bed an hour earlier than my alarm. Shocking!! Looking for something to do I  found myself cleaning out my closet before my kids got up for school! At this point I was convinced I was on to something that would change my life! Thank you Kim Love for providing such an amazing insight to my diet and how it could make such an impact. Learning through experience and awareness was powerful! I am eager to do the Love Cleanse again and again!"

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